Hi, I’m Johann, 37 years old, husband, father of two lovely kids, living in Germany (Stuttgart), and I work as an 3D artist/generalist.

I'm a self taught photographer.
I learned a lot by doing mistakes.
I learned a lot by doing personal projects.
I learned a lot from great photographers and from outstanding CGI- and postproduction artists.

After studying media informatics (bachelor) and electronic media (master) at Stuttgart Media University, I started my professional career in 2009 at the post production studio Recom CGI where I did mostly high end still visualizations, mainly in the automotive industry. Since 2015 I’m employed at an agency called A-M-T which is specialized in communication design. We develop trade show stands, events and retail architecture for temporary and stationary use.
I mainly work with 3ds Max and V-Ray. Max is the software that I got to know fifteen years ago at the university when it all began. I made my first CG steps with it and it’s still my program of choice for modeling, shading, texturing, lighting, animating and rendering with V-Ray.
In 2009, in my last year at university, VRED came along. In that time VRED was a really young rendering software and not that common in the CG world. At the time it didn't have an undo button... I did my master thesis in collaboration with Recom and my job was to proof and evaluate render quality, render times, usability and costs in comparison to the existing Maya and Mental Ray workflow of Recom. I had the opportunity to test it a lot lot lot and got to know the software very well. The results were so impressive that the company switched their automotive workflow to VRED. Long story short, that’s why I use VRED. It’s a powerful tool, especially for automotive visualisations.
I develop my photographs with Lightroom and for post production I make use of Photoshop and After Effects. Premiere for editing.

If you want to learn a bit more about me, here are two Interviews where you can read more about me:

I am available for freelance in Germany. All you need to do is contact me :)

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