Concept: Christian Schmidt / Simon Geis
photography: Christian Schmidt
postproduction: vividgrey
cgi: Johann Oswald / was-fuers-auge

Driving without a steering wheel. A car that takes you independently to the
next destination.
For some, a redemptive vision. You sit relaxed, like in a train and can enjoy
the passing landscape without being stressed behind the steering wheel.
For others, a still challenging idea to leave the driving control to the car.
With the C360 Volvo is just going this way. No driverseat, no stearingwheel.
Just a nice interior where you sit opposite to eachother like sitting in a train compartment with big windows and a Gull-Wing Door to one side.
We thought it’s a very exciting subject and created a virutal trip with a small
team of photographer, retoucher and CG-operator. A visual road trip through
Scandinavias wideness.Landscapes and spheres were shot in Norway with a
small cube and fast set-up, - after that the cars were rendered and integrated
in the sceneries. The people were shot on half a day around Stuttgart and
integrated afterwards in the existing landscapes.Time will tell if and how fast
this way of travelling will become reality…

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